Therapeutic Foot Massage

Denise Held RN, Certified Reflexologist, Reflexolo-ChiTM


Benefits of Therapeutic Foot Massage

Relieves Foot Pain.  Whether the pain is from Plantar Fasciitis*, bunions, too-tight or ill-fitting shoes, or tired feet, Foot Reflexology is very soothing and can help to decrease the inflammation and pain.

* Plantar Fasciitis: You probably have heard of it, and the pain in the heel and bottom of the foot that is worst when you first stand up. Foot Reflexology can help to decrease the inflammation and pain.

My client Myrtle has a couple of health issues, but mainly she has sore feet; ‘My feet always hurt,’ Myrtle told me. She enjoyed the Reflexology session, and afterward, she said, ‘My feet have never felt so good!’

Enhances blood and lymph circulation. Foot Reflexology can help enhance circulation in the feet – especially if someone has decreased blood flow, as in swelling or Diabetes, or just chronic cold feet. By the end of a Reflexology session, a person will almost assuredly have warmer feet, a sign that circulation has improved and their feet are enjoying revitalizing nutrition and improved waste removal. Improved lymph flow can lead to some easing of ankle edema.

Assists with injury recovery. Reflexology can help speed up healing in sprained ankles and other foot injuries. After the initial rest, ice, compression and elevation, recovering feet and ankles benefit from the enhanced blood flow and edema relief that Foot Reflexology provides.

Relaxes the entire body. Through its ability to calm the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and to assist the parasympathetic nervous system (resting, maintenance, and nourishment of the body) to function more efficiently, the result is a feeling of calmness and relaxation. This is especially helpful for people who lead hurried, stressful lives, including those who have insomnia and nervous tension. I’ve had clients tell me Foot Reflexology is the most relaxing form of bodywork they’ve ever had.

My client Marie feels overwhelmed, and her adrenal glands are working overtime. Foot reflexology can soothe the adrenal glands and put the ‘fight or flight’ response on hold. The body can relax and function better.

Improves bodily function. Massaging a reflex zone stimulates the corresponding organ, gland, or body part to work better, with enhanced cell nourishment and more efficient elimination of metabolic waste products. Working with all the reflex zones on both feet gives your whole system a “tune-up.” Foot Reflexology can help people who have decreased functioning in one or more organs (either short-term illness or chronic disease). It also benefits healthy people who want to maintain great health.

Diabetes is an example of a condition Reflexology can help. It affects many parts of the body, not only the pancreas, but also the heart (leading to possible heart attack), eyes (leading to decreased sight or blindness), kidneys (possible kidney failure), nerves (peripheral neuropathy in the feet and hands) and blood vessels (high blood pressure and possible stroke).

Relieves Pain. Reflexology has been shown to help with chronic pain, such as headaches.

Reflexology can also help pre- and post-surgery. Reflexology can help prepare a patient for surgery by enhancing overall bodily functions and calming the nervous system. It is useful after surgery as well to help the body heal and to decrease pain.

Client Testimonials:

“Excellent session, relaxed me, and her RN experience gives me great comfort.”

– B.S, Ypsilanti, MI

“Denise is fantastic! I have had foot reflexology in other places, but feel she really taps into a well of healing energy and peacefulness.”

– P.D., Ann Arbor, MI

“Denise is truly outstanding – honestly cares about the person she is treating.”

– S.K., Tecumseh, MI

“Coming to Denise is a real pleasure – Look forward to my next visit. [Travelling 1 and 1/2] hours is well worth the visit.”

– K.O., Clarkston, MI

“Denise does incredible work. She is truly gifted – and her reflexology work is so relaxing while therapeutic and healing. My favorite appt. every month.”

– T.A., Tecumseh, MI

“Denise Held’s … gentle demeanor and expert hands have been a true blessing in my life. I encourage many people to see what she can to do help them. I am grateful to have found her. Sincerely …”

– L.B., Ypsilanti, MI