Thank you for making my feet so much better and giving me such great massages… Thanks again for helping in my overall health.
--R.R., Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you for your proficiency, professionalism and skill.
-- M.G., Superior Township, MI

I felt real good for several days after my session.
-- L.B., Ann Arbor, MI

Do you have:

Sore or swollen feet? Plantar fasciitis?

Chronic health issues, such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure or pain?

Are you:

Feeling stressed and just can’t relax?

Want to promote and enhance your good health?

Foot Reflexology can help!

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De-stress, relax, reduce pain, and enhance your health with Foot Reflexology!

Foot Reflexology is therapeutic foot massage based on areas on the feet, called reflex zones, that correspond to the organs and glands of the body. Massaging these reflex zones improves the function of the corresponding organs or glands, bringing enhanced blood, nerve, and lymph conduction to those organs and glands. It also calms down an overstressed nervous system. The result is relaxation and improved body function, in addition to your feet feeling great! Benefits people who have foot problems, chronic diseases, fatigue and stress, pain, and those with a desire for optimum health.

Gentle, therapeutic foot massage improves circulation, calms the nervous system, and helps your feet to feel great!

About Denise Held, RN, Certified Foot Reflexologist, Reflexolo-Chi™

I am Denise Held, RN, and I graduated from the UM School of Nursing in 1974. I have over twenty years’ nursing experience, first as a visiting nurse in Boston, then as a Public Health Nurse in Grand Rapids, and finally, as a staff nurse for 20 years at UM Hospital in Ann Arbor.

In the last few years, I also took care of my father who was suffering from diabetes. Foot care is very important to diabetics such as my Dad, and it brought home to me that healthy feet with good circulation are very important, - not only for diabetics, but for everyone!

After reading a book on Foot Reflexology, I became fascinated with the study of it. Here is a therapy that is preventative, yet also helps people to deal with chronic disease and it helps their bodies to work on healing themselves! Foot Reflexology helps people feel better, and that is what I went into Nursing for in the first place, so it was a good transition for me. After taking a 9-month course in the form of reflexology known as Reflexolo-Chi™, I obtained my Reflexology certification in September of 2007. Since October of 2007, I’ve had office hours at the Natural Healing Center on Hogback Road in Ann Arbor.

My burning desire is to help people feel better through better foot health. I use the gentle form of Foot Reflexology, called Reflexolo-Chi™ which not only promotes healthy feet but also Health from the Feet Up!

Reflexology (Reflexolo-chi™) provides:
Pain relief
Stress reduction
Improved circulation
Injury recovery
Health Enhancement

Foot Reflexology is soothing to the feet, relaxing to the body, and it has effects on all the organs and glands of the body. It stimulates your natural healing powers! With very few exceptions, it is truly a therapy that can benefit everyone, as long as they have feet.

A2 Reflexology
in the Natural Healing Center
2002 Hogback Rd, Suite 14
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Denise Held
Cell: 734.649.2891
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