Therapeutic Foot Massage

Denise Held RN, Certified Reflexologist, Reflexolo-ChiTM

The Tin Man

5/10/2022  I wrote this awhile back, in the simple days before 2016.  It used to be on a page of my website, but I took it out to streamline my information.  I still like it, though; so here we go:

I always liked the Tin Man (in the Wizard of Oz), in that rusty old can of a body of his. He probably has developed arthritis in the neck and shoulders, hips and knees. He might have high blood pressure and heart disease, and possible diabetes. No wonder he needs a new heart! Foot Reflexology could help his body deal with those chronic conditions. If you think of the oil can as Traditional medicine, Foot Reflexology can work alongside that oil can to help him function better.

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