My feet feel so much better, and I’m nice and relaxed. My feet always feel good when I leave here.
– E.W., Ann Arbor, MI

That was awesome! I don’t think I could have gone any deeper into Theta State (of relaxation).
– B.R., Ann Arbor, MI

The most relaxing kind of massage I’ve had! I really go to another place during reflexology.
– N.S., Ann Arbor, MI

My feet and all the rest of me thank you! ...I find that after one of these sessions, I get rid of a lot of fluid.
–D.C., Brooklyn, MI

My headache is gone! My stomach feels better.
–J.S., Grass Lake, MI

Ancient Therapy - Modern Healing Modality

Your feet are very sensitive!   Each foot has over 7,000 nerve endings on it. Foot Reflexology is based on the premise that there are areas on the feet, called Reflex Zones. Massaging a certain reflex zone on the foot will send a message, through the nerves, to the brain or spinal cord, which in turn sends a message, or "reflex", to the corresponding organ or gland. This message encourages the organ or gland to relax and release tension, leading to increased blood and lymph circulation, increased nerve conduction, better cellular function and elimination of cellular waste products. It can lead to reduced swelling, especially in the feet. It also results in a soothed nervous system and helps the body to heal itself.

Case studies have shown that reflexology can be an effective complementary therapy for many conditions, including asthma, hypertension, headaches, digestive problems, gout, and nervous system disorders, to name a few.

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Modern medical research methods are confirming the effectiveness of reflexology.

  • Ultrasound and thermography demonstrate increased blood circulation to target organs (e.g. kidney) when specific reflex zones are massaged. (Massage Magazine, December 2000).
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging shows increased activity in the temple area of the brain when the temple reflex zone is stimulated.

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Foot Reflexology: Several Levels of Therapy

  • On one level, reflexology is therapeutic foot massage, which makes your feet feel great and more alive. It is beneficial for people who have foot pain, who have worn too-tight shoes in the past, who have poor circulation or nerve conduction in their feet, or who just have tired feet from standing a lot.
  • On another level, foot reflexology tends to relax the entire body through its ability to calm down the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and to assist the parasympathetic nervous system (resting, maintenance and nourishment of the body) to function more efficiently. The resulting relaxation is especially helpful for those of us who lead hurried, stressful lives and who really need a break.
  • The third level concerns the specific reflex zones on the feet,which correspond to every organ, gland and body part. Massaging a reflex zone on the foot stimulates the corresponding organ, gland, or body part, resulting in increased blood, nerve, and lymph circulation - and leading to improved functioning, enhanced cell nourishment and more efficient elimination of metabolic waste products. Working with all the reflex zones on both feet gives your whole system a “tune-up.” Foot reflexology can help people who have decreased functioning in one or more organs (e.g., short-term illness or chronic disease). It also benefits healthy people who want to maintain great health.

    People who have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, arthritis, or high blood pressure can be helped because Reflexology helps the organs of the body to function more efficiently. Good blood circulation keeps the feet nourished and happy, and Foot Reflexology can help enhance circulation in the feet - especially if someone has decreased blood flow, as in swelling or Diabetes, or just chronic cold feet!

    Reflexology can also help with post-operative pain, help someone prepare for surgery, AFTER surgery to help the body heal and to decrease pain. Reflexology has also been shown to help with chronic pain, such as headaches.

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What Happens During a Reflexology Session?

For foot reflexology, the only clothes you remove are your shoes and socks! You lie down on a comfortable massage table. In my office, there is a large window with an oak tree outside. Soft, relaxing music plays during your session. You can rest quietly (or fall asleep, even) or stay awake, - your choice.

The type of Reflexology that I practice, Reflexolo-Chi™, is a very gentle, yet powerful, touch that soothes the feet and relaxes the nervous system to encourage your body to heal itself. It is very low-tech, involving only the use of the reflexologist’s hands and cocoa butter for your feet.

During a Reflexology session, I will assess the feet for pain, swelling, calluses and other firm areas on the feet. I systematically massage the Reflex Zones and feel for areas under the skin, which can be a sign of waste product build-up. Sometimes I sense a tension release, or vibration, in a reflex zone. These findings in a Reflex Zone can be a sign that there is an issue with the corresponding organ or gland.

* The only contraindications to Reflexolo-chi™ are current pregnancy or a history of thrombophlebitis (blood clot in leg, requiring blood thinners).

Who are good candidates for Foot Reflexology?

People who have:
Foot Problems

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs


Swollen feet

Hammertoes, bunions, calluses

Decreased circulation or nerve conduction

Sore Feet

From wearing high heels or too-tight shoes

From standing on your feet many hours each day – e.g. teachers, nurses, etc.

Chronic Diseases

Kidney disease

Nervous system diseases, e.g. M.S., CVA, neuropathy, facial palsy


Lung disease, e.g. asthma, bronchitis, sinus problems, history of smoking

Cardiovascular, e.g. high blood pressure


Arthritis and gout

Gastro-Intestinal Disorders





Fatigue and Stress


Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Tension and inability to relax


Headache, migraine and tension headache

Post-operative pain

Shoulder and neck pain

Back pain

Desire for Optimum Health

Increase immune function

A periodic “health tune-up”

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We say in Reflexology that Healthy feet are a reflection of a healthy body. In fact, I like to say that Foot Reflexology is D F H E, which spells nothing but which stands for “Drug-Free Health Enhancement.”

What does it mean? “Better Health without Drugs."

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