The most relaxing kind of massage I’ve had! I really go to another place during reflexology.
– N.S., Ann Arbor, MI

My feet and all the rest of me thank you! ...I find that after one of these sessions, I get rid of a lot of fluid.
–D.C., Brooklyn, MI

My headache is gone! My stomach feels better.
–J.S., Grass Lake, MI

Foot Reflexology: Benefits

  • Therapeutic foot massage

      Makes your feet feel great and more alive. It is beneficial for people who have foot pain, who have worn too-tight shoes in the past, who have poor circulation or nerve conduction in their feet, or who just have tired feet from standing a lot.

      Great for people with foot problems or pain, including plantar fasciitis, bunions and swollen feet. Plantar Fasciitis. You probably have heard of it, and the pain in the heel and the bottom of the foot that is worst when you first stand up. Foot Reflexology can help to decrease the inflammation and pain.

      My client Duane has had Plantar Fasciitis for years, and he thought he’d give Foot Reflexology a try, even though he wasn’t sure it was going to do any good. A week after his first Foot Reflexology session, Duane called to tell me that he felt much better; in fact, it was like “night and day.”

      For people who stand on their feet for hours at a time or who wear tight shoes or high heels-- sales clerks, a hair stylists, nurses, or teachers-- Reflexology is perfect. Their feet might be achy and tired and maybe a little swollen at the end of the day. Foot Reflexology is very soothing!

      My client Myrtle has a couple of health issues, but mainly she has sore feet; “My feet always hurt,” Myrtle told me. She enjoyed the Reflexology session, and afterward, she said, “My feet have never felt so good!” Myrtle’s Reflexology session ended happily ever after, proving that Foot Reflexology is not only good for the rest of the body, but also for sore feet!

      Reflexology can also help speed up healing in sprained ankles and running injuries. All that pavement-pounding can’t be kind to a runner's feet. They can get bruised, develop plantar fasciitis and painful calluses or other sore spots on their feet. Even if their feet don’t hurt, they could benefit from the increased circulation, tension relaxation, and muscle soothing that Foot Reflexology brings. Runners might think of a foot reflexology session as a treat! I think of it as an investment in the health of their feet and their future running career.

  • Relaxes the entire body

      through its ability to calm down the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and to assist the parasympathetic nervous system (resting, maintenance and nourishment of the body) to function more efficiently. The resulting relaxation is especially helpful for those of us who lead hurried, stressful lives and who really need a break.

      Great for people who have a lot of stress in their life, including those who have insomnia and nervous tension.

      My client Marie feels overwhelmed and her adrenal glands are working overtime. Foot reflexology can soothe the adrenal glands and put the “fight or flight” response on hold. The body can relax and function better.

      Remember the Wizard of Oz?
      Who could forget the sight of the Cowardly Lion being scared of his own tail? You probably know someone whose job has him so stressed out that he’s jumpy and nervous like the Lion. Foot Reflexology is known for helping people to relax and de-stress. In fact, I’ve had clients tell me that Foot Reflexology is the most relaxing form of bodywork they’ve ever had done.

  • Massaging a reflex zone on the foot stimulates the corresponding organ, gland, or body part, resulting in increased blood, nerve, and lymph circulation

      leading to improved functioning, enhanced cell nourishment and more efficient elimination of metabolic waste products. Working with all the reflex zones on both feet gives your whole system a “tune-up.” Foot reflexology can help people who have decreased functioning in one or more organs (e.g., short-term illness or chronic disease). It also benefits healthy people who want to maintain great health.

      People who have a chronic condition, such as diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, arthritis, or high blood pressure can be helped because Reflexology helps the organs of the body to function more efficiently.

        Diabetes is an example of a condition that can affect many parts of the body: not only the pancreas, but also the heart (leading to possible heart attack), eyes (leading to decreased sight or blindness), kidneys (possible kidney failure), nerves (peripheral neuropathy in the feet and hands) and blood vessels (high blood pressure and possible stroke). Reflexology on a regular basis, alongside regular check-ups and medical care, can keep the organs healthier and may prevent some of the complications of Diabetes.

      I always liked the Tin Man (in the Wizard of Oz), in that rusty old can of a body of his. He probably has developed arthritis in the neck and shoulders, hips and knees. He might have high blood pressure and heart disease, and possible diabetes. No wonder he needs a new heart! Foot Reflexology could help his body deal with those chronic conditions. If you think of the oil can as Traditional medicine, Foot Reflexology can work alongside that oil can to help him function better.

      Good blood circulation keeps the feet nourished and happy, and Foot Reflexology can help enhance circulation in the feet - especially if someone has decreased blood flow, as in swelling or Diabetes, or just chronic cold feet! By the end of the session, they will almost assuredly have warmer feet, a sign that circulation has improved and their feet are enjoying revitalizing nutrition and waste removal. Their feet will enjoy the nourishment, and they’ll feel better.

      If you ever feel muddle-headed, then Foot Reflexology is for you! Research has shown that a single Foot Reflexology session improves blood flow to the brain. Yes, kick out the blahs and clear your brain with Foot Reflexology.

      Studies have shown that Foot Reflexology increases blood flow to the kidneys. This means better kidney function. You probably know that kidneys not only affect water balance in the body, but they also flush out waste products and even help control blood pressure. If you know someone whose kidneys could use a little oomph, or who needs to take blood pressure medication, or who has occasional puffiness in the ankles, they could probably benefit from Foot Reflexology.

      I saw the perfect client in downtown Ann Arbor! He was an older man, shuffling slowly along in sensible shoes and walking like his feet hurt. He was a little bent over and he carried a coffee cup. So, what makes him a good candidate for Foot Reflexology? Sore feet, possible arthritis; and why did he need coffee to stay awake in the middle of the day? Maybe he has insomnia, too. Foot Reflexology could help with all that!

      Reflexology can also help with post-operative pain. It can help someone prepare for surgery by helping their organs and glands function better, and by calming their nervous system. It is useful AFTER surgery to help the body heal and to decrease pain. Reflexology has also been shown to help with chronic pain, such as headaches.

    Healthy people who would like to maintain optimal health can also benefit because getting a Reflexology session is like getting a tune-up for your body and immune system! These days, there is a bigger emphasis on preventive health care, because it is much more cost-effective than waiting until people are real sick and need expensive hospital care and medicines. Foot Reflexology is in the forefront of preventive care, strengthening immune systems one foot at a time.

    Reflexology (Reflexolo-chi™) provides:
    Pain relief
    Stress reduction
    Improved circulation
    Injury recovery
    Health Enhancement

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